Southern Cone

Countries in the sub-region
Disaster Law Contact Person
Liliana Lopez |

Southern Cone countries — Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay — are vulnerable to a variety of natural hazards, the risks of which are compounded by rapid urbanisation. IFRC Disaster Law works with National Red Cross Societies in the Southern Cone on legal and policy issues related to disaster risk management and the auxiliary role. A recent highlight for IFRC Disaster Law in the region was the adoption of a new Argentine Red Cross Law in May 2020. IFRC Disaster Law contributed to the development of the new law, using its knowledge about how law can strengthen and support the Red Cross auxiliary role. In 2021, a Collaboration Agreement between Argentinian Airports 2000, IFRC and Argentine Red Cross was signed for establishing a Humanitarian Hub at La Seiza airport premises.

Another highlight for IFRC Disaster Law in the Southern Cone was the Ninth Regional Meeting on International Mechanisms for Humanitarian Assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Buenos Aires in June 2019. The Meeting brought together international, regional and national humanitarian coordination stakeholders, non-governmental organisations, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the private sector and donor agencies. It culminated in the adoption of the the Buenos Aires Declaration, which encourages states to review their regulatory and institutional frameworks in light of the IFRC's International Disaster Response Law (IDRL) Guidelines.

IFRC Disaster Law welcomes expressions of interest from National Red Cross Societies in the Southern Cone, as well as other prospective partners, who would like to implement disaster law activities or projects in the region.