World Disaster Laws

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In most countries around the world, there is a main disaster law which governs a broad range of hazards and disasters. World Disaster Laws profiles the main disaster law of over 100 countries from around the world. For each country featured, a dedicated page provides an overview of the country's main disaster law. A clickable table depicts the issues the law addresses (e.g. early warning, financing, international response) and the level of detail provided.

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The World Disaster Laws Search allows you to search 100+ countries' disaster laws for key indicators. There are many key indicators to choose from and these are grouped into 13 categories such as ‘early warning’ and ‘disaster recovery’. The search can also be narrowed by geographical area by selecting a region, sub-region or set of countries.


World Disaster Laws was developed with pro bono support from law firm White & Case LLP. The IFRC sincerely thanks each of the lawyers from White & Case for their work on World Disaster Laws, without which the project would not have been possible.


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