Disaster Law at the Inter-American Conference

Inter American conference
Between June 5-7 2023, National Red Cross and Red Cross Societies in the Americas came together in Nassau, Bahamas for the XXII Red Cross Inter-American Conference with aimed to foster cooperation and networking among National Societies to address common humanitarian challenges and demonstrate their added value as an auxiliary to governments.

The IFRC Disaster Law Team played a pivotal role at the conference, leading sessions dedicated to enhancing disaster laws and policies for humanitarian access and response. These sessions included plenaries on the development of disaster laws tailored for Red Cross humanitarian access, leveraging the auxiliary status of National Societies and workshops addressing challenges in accessing international humanitarian assistance and the creation of national disaster response policy frameworks.

Jessie Jordan, IFRC Disaster Law Officer in the Caribbean says the focus on encouraging the development of robust legal frameworks in the sessions signifies a shift towards more sustainable and resilient disaster management strategies. These frameworks are key to empowering communities and ensuring timely and effective humanitarian assistance.

“This year's conference has been a pivotal moment for the Red Cross in the Americas. The Nassau Accord represents not just a commitment but a renewed vision towards localized solutions to global challenges. It’s about bringing real change where it’s most needed.”

The conference culminated in the development of the Nassau Accord, a commitment by National Societies to address urgent challenges through local solutions. This Accord, guiding Red Cross initiatives for the next four years, pledges to enhance disaster response, climate change adaptation strategies, accessibility to health services, effective management of migration and population movements, and fostering inclusivity and diversity. Its core emphasis is on empowering local communities, placing them at the forefront of these efforts.