South Asia Disaster Law and Legislative Advocacy Workshop

20 - 24 November, 2022
IFRC working with partners in the Maldives
As witnessed by recent events, such as the Bangladesh and Pakistan floods, heatwaves in India and Pakistan, earthquakes, cyclones and drought events across South Asia, disasters continue to strike frequently and intensely in the region. Such events bring with them not only a devastating human impact but also have a huge economic cost as well. Having strong, climate-smart, inclusive and well implemented disaster laws underpins a well-functioning disaster risk management system.

IFRC Disaster Law, together with National Societies has been working with governments over the last two decades in developing and applying disaster-related laws, policies and procedures; to enhance community resilience, ensure timely and effective humanitarian relief and to improve the protection of the most affected when faced with crisis.

Humanitarian diplomacy and more specifically, legislative advocacy, is a method by which National Societies can harness their auxiliary status to advocate and utilize their relationship with public authorities to overcome key issues of humanitarian concern.

The workshop will be a mix of theory and scenario-based learning with peer-shared learning. It will provide an overview of the key international and regional legal and policy frameworks for disaster risk management as well as best practices of national and local level implementation into law and policy. It will also provide an overview of the technical guidance and tools developed by IFRC to support National Societies in their advocacy efforts to enhance the auxiliary role mandate, such as the Guide to Strengthening the Auxiliary Role through Law and Policy and the Legislative Advocacy Toolkit. 

The Disaster Law and Legislative Advocacy Workshop will be hosted by the Maldives Red Crescent National Society and facilitated by the IFRC Asia Pacific Disaster Law team. These workshops will take place from 20 – 24 November 2022 in Male, Maldives.