Disaster Law features in the Rutledge Handbook of Public Policy in Africa

Rutledge Africa
The newly published Rutledge Handbook of Public Policy in Africa features a chapter on disaster law, written by María Mercedes Martínez, from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).  

Chapter 47, The role of law in international disaster assistance in Africa, examines how legal frameworks impact disaster management in Africa at regional, sub-regional and national levels. It illustrates that the formulation of comprehensive legal frameworks needs prioritization in Africa’s disaster preparedness policy agenda. It also looks at how legal frameworks can support humanitarian aid’s localization while ensuring access to well-balanced international relief support in line with pan-African ideals.

The chapter is written by María Mercedes Martínez, Head of IFRC’s Country Cluster Delegation for the Indian Ocean Islands, who previously worked with the IFRC Disaster Law team in the Americas and Africa for a decade.

Ms Martinez says she is confident this publication will contribute to the advocacy efforts towards strong legal and institutional frameworks for effective disaster risk management in Africa, through IFRC Disaster Law support.